I’m a working man. Sometimes outta work, but hey. I’m a passionate singer-songwriter with personal lyrics I try to sing with meaningful voice. I write of happy & screwed-up lives from my experience or observations of others. I like making up songs with a variety of American music influences including alt. rock, alt. country, folk, western ballads.

I also create scripts, poetry & stories written to give me an outlet & offered to those interested… or not. I’ve worked various film, tv & video projects. My designs/artwork are on websites & reproductions… earning me squat. Well maybe a latte or two. I’ve worked with cool musicians (Lazy Brad Lewis, Paul Sercu aka Dim Wanker, Bobby Daniel, James Fitzpatrick), writers (Michael Germaine), artists (Bill Manley), producers (Pearl Lucero, Russell Ziecker, George Clooney), record engineers (James Laurance, Bob Wolstein, Eric Westfall) giving me a chance to live creative & name-drop at the same time. I try to live a multi-media artist life. Multi-media, hmm, that’s a pretty big word. Well it’s been said ”With the tools of his trade he bangs out a song, a script, a poem, a painting and sends it on down the line” but I can’t remember who the hell said that… maybe it was the 21st century alarmist Terence Gillespie, well catch you all later!


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